Intent To Provide Safe Working Environment & Comply Regulations

Safety: A Concern For All

Ace roofing believes in providing a safe work environment for our employees. We provide the latest in fall protection equipment for our employees as well as hard hats and safety glasses. It is our intent not only to provide a safe working environment but also to comply with a all regulations of OSHA and to minimize the possibility of fines to ourselves, our general contractors, our customers and our fellow subcontractors. This type of safety program is necessary. It is our belief that if we can prevent an employee from being crippled or killed the the extra time and expense is worth it.

Ace Roofing and Sheet Metal
Ace Roofing and Sheet Metal

Since OSHA cannot be all places at all times it is easy to avoid using the proper equipment thereby saving both time and money. This practice is common among many in the construction industry. Unfortunately, we all pay for this practice in the form of higher insurance cost. We encourage you to ask potential contractors and subcontractors that you may hire, regardless of the trade,, for both their workman’s compensation insurance and their general liability insurance certificates. These will often be from two separate carriers.

The roofing industry presents unique challenges and concerns to all contractors and property owners. The use of proper fall protection equipment as well as perimeter warning devices I mandatory. There should also be designated areas of operation on the ground and “stand clear” areas to assure that the workers, passers by or residents of the building are not injured during the roofing or reroofing operations.

A neat and tidy work area should be maintained during operations with nightly cleanup of all debris.